Sam Collins



A Beautiful Noise

In the Quietest Village in England, making a noise can have very serious consequences.
Until one man shows that it’s not what you hear, it’s how you listen that really counts.

Accidental Earl, Matthew Wolstenholme, is used to keeping things quiet. His bankruptcy, his hearing loss, his unopened post down the back of the furniture. All he needs now to save his home and heritage is to quietly stage an opera festival.

Because in Bedingford, the Quietest Village in England, where any disturbance is an infringement of their civil liberties, the villagers are not going to let it happen without a fight. And some of them want more from Matthew than just to shut him up.

Super-hearing sound engineer, Shelley Harper, could be just the woman to save the day. If she can raise her own volume above the clamorous expectations of everyone else.

Pip Berry, a broken man with even bigger secrets, would like to help. But he’s stuck in his own world of fear and judgment. And when Bedingford declares war, such a man is easy pickings to become their weapon of choice.

As battle lines harden and truth is silenced, can Pip find the courage to reveal his own truth in order to save them all?

Because fear can be deafening
But love is louder

…and it’s A Beautiful Noise…

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