Sam Collins


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If you have enjoyed A Beautiful Noise, it would be tremendously helpful if you could leave a review. The publishing industry is tough for authors right now, and reviews really do help bring my books to the attention of those who might enjoy them.


A Beautiful Noise by Sam Collins is hugely entertaining, moving, quirky, thought-provoking and funny. Dry British humour peppers the story line of each character, all of whom one builds a strong connection and affinity with as the story beautifully unfolds. The book draws on how we all have a story to tell, and through observation we can relish in the idiosyncracies that makes us human. The author ignites the opportunity to reflect and reassess the difference between hearing and listening, and to observe that there is always an alternate entry point in building meaningful relationships and understanding. A wonderfully entertaining read!

Dame Evelyn Glennie

“Warm, witty and wise… A joyous book.”

Marian Starkes

“Blends humour and heartbreak to devastating and glorious effect…”

Peter Readen

“Do not be fooled that this is a cozy read. It is utterly transformative!”

Jessie Harker 

“Wonderful characters I wanted to stay with forever…”

Monica Wraysbury

““The most endearingly amusing (very) British novels I have read in a long time.”

David J Aulden